Tradition, professionalism and commitment are the values shared by different markets and different cultures.

With over 40 years of experience, MIAT continues to grow while maintaining its consolidated mission to be a bridge between Eastern and Western markets, in fundamental respect for the past, in appreciating the present and in the innovative vision of future prospects.

In this context MIAT tries to maintain a balanced approach in the relationship between “high tech” and “high touch” both internally in the company and towards its partners in order to ensure excellence and innovation in the products and services offered.


The objective of MIAT is to act as a bridge between European and Asian countries, with the aim of creating and consolidating relationships and collaborations in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and  nutraceutical fields. It is part of MIAT mission to help improve understanding and the links between these cultures, traditionally so far apart.

Our commercial structure is based on and formed by people with proven long experience.

We take care of our customers by understanding and satisfying their needs.

ISO 9001/2015 Certificate, ISO 13485 Certificate: 2016, GMP Certification issued by AIFA for the import of API, Pharmaceutical workshop authorized for the production of medicated plasters