Distribution of non-natural amino acids and derivatives produced by AminoLogics.

The ARCA technology (Alanine Racemase Chiral Analogue) allows the conversion between the amino acids and amino alcohols L- and D- (L> D, D> L) and the resolution of racemic amino acids and amino alcohols. The ARCA technology allows to obtain products with high chiral purity (up to 99.9% HPLC) in a more economic way than traditional methods.

AminoLogics uses its own technology to reach the specific needs of the customer and to respond to their particular requests. The catalog is very broad and includes α- amino acids, β- amino acids and 1,2-amino alcohols both in free and protected form.

MIAT started in 2011 a collaboration with the Korean company AminoLogics specialized in the development and production of non-natural amino acids produced thanks to the technology of their own called ARCA www.aminologics.co.kr.

The main products are: D-Serine, D-allo-Threonine, D-allo-Isoleucine, D-Alanine, D-Cysteine Hcl H2O, D-Homophenylalanine, R/S-Beta-Phenylalanine, 3-(2-Naphthyl)-D-alanine, 4-Chloro-D-phenylalanine, 3-(3-Pyridyl)-D-alanine.

MIAT is currently the official distributor of v in Europe and supplies its products to important pharmaceutical companies for the production of highly innovative medicine.