Distribution of chiral intermediates produced by RStech.

Founded in 2000, RStech Corporation specializes in the synthesis of chiral intermediates of high chemical and optical purity (> 99.5% ee). The high quality of the intermediates is guaranteed thanks to a patented technology of an innovative Bimetallic catalyst developed to act in Lewis   acid / base reactions. The versatility of the catalyst has allowed RStech to produce over 100 different intermediates to date and to continue to develop new ones according to the demand and trend of the pharmaceutical market by constantly expanding its product catalog.
Thanks to the range of production equipment at its disposal, RStech’s production capacity is very wide allowing it to supply products with a constant quality both in the case of small quantities and in the maximum capacity of 6 tons. This feature allows us to support the user at all stages of its development, from the initial R&D stages to the industrialization of the production process.

The RStech product range includes for example intermediates attributable to the classes of:

  • Epoxides
  • Foreign Hydroxy
  • Glycodiols and derivatives
  • Diols
  • Pyrrolidinics and derivatives

Furthermore RStech carries out customized development studies on request for the synthesis of specific intermediates.
Since 2017 MIAT is the exclusive distributor for Europe and MENA of RStech products.

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