Dermatological Field

Micro-needles for better topical absorption.

To improve the absorption of topical agents in the skin, the Korean company RAPHAS Co., Ltd. has developed THERAPASS®, an innovative delivery system characterized by a micro-needle patch.
The microneedles, composed of pure hyaluronic acid, are available in different lengths (250 µm and 650 µm) to reach either the epidermis or the dermis according to need.
THERAPASS® has been developed to be used in combination with drugs (creams and ointments) or advanced dermocosmetic products.
It has been demonstrated by in vitro studies that, thanks to the application with THERAPASS®, the penetration of the topical agent into the dermis is significantly higher than the normal treatment, thus reducing the number of applications required.
MIAT has acquired distribution rights for Europe.
The product is currently waiting for CE registration.

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